Carluke Karate club kids ensure everyone has a present

Members of all the groups who took part in the Baby Bank toy appeal.
Members of all the groups who took part in the Baby Bank toy appeal.

When good people come together then ... anything is possible.

During the past several weeks Carluke and Wishaw Tokui Ryu Karate along with the Saturday circuit warriors members came together as one group for a very special reason.

And that was to help provide kids, who could be facing a miserable Christmas without gifts with a selection of toys to help make their Christmas just a little bit more special, and to help make memories for others, particularly parents who are struggling to even put food on the table.

Sandy Kilgour, who organised the event with Robert Frame said: “This is the second year that we have supported this appeal and are hugely grateful to everyone who supported us in our efforts to add a wee bit of sparkle to the festive period for those who might be struggling by donating to the Christmas toy collection on behalf of Baby Bank Scotland.

“All our members whether they contributed through gifts or moral support, did their bit to ensure that as many kids as possible get a visit from Santa this year.

“As parents we all know what it means to a child to get gifts, but there can be no worse feeling for struggling families, trying to manage debt, feed a child and meet their wishes at Christmas.”

Caroline Noon, trustee of Baby Bank said: “Baby Bank Scotland are very grateful indeed to the group and their members for taking the time to help and we will ensure that each and every gift is redirected to help the people who need it.

“Most of all, we might never have the opportunity to see the joy on a childs face when he or she wakes up to find Santa has visited them on Christmas morning, but in our hearts we will know we made a difference.”