Overburns anger continues

River Clyde at Overburns'22/7/10
River Clyde at Overburns'22/7/10

AN MSP has hit out against a renewed planning application for a sand and gravel quarry at Overburns Farm, near Lamington.

Lanark-based Claudia Beamish believes the decision of Patersons of Greenoakhill to submit another application to South Lanarkshire Council to extract sand and gravel from the proposed site near Lamington demonstrates that the planning system needs to change.

She said: “I am bitterly disappointed that Patersons has returned with yet another application for this site.

“Their actions show an utter contempt for the views and concerns of local communities who will once again have to gear up for a fight. “Already the council, the Scottish Government and the courts have rejected these proposals and the local authority made clear it did not want to see another application.

“It cannot be right for developers to use the planning system in an attempt to wear down opposition until they get their way.

“Overburns clearly demonstrates that the planning system protections currently in place are not working for communities and I want to discuss how we can strengthen the law.

“The Clyde River Action Group have worked so effectively to oppose the proposals and I am happy to support them in any way that I can.”

Meanwhile, the Clydesdale Green Party have issued a strong response to the recent revelations.

Rural Clydesdale parliamentary candidate Jody Jamieson said: “What is wrong with our democracy in this country?

“This development has already been rejected twice, yet it’s back again, causing uncertainty in our local community, and opposing it for the third time will come at an expense to the taxpayer. It’s utterly ridiculous.”