Old and new towns at odds

Owenstown latest pic 5
Owenstown latest pic 5

IF the planned new community of Owenstown is built, it will be “an absolute disaster” for Lanark.

This was the alarming opinion of an expert who addressed a meeting of the Lanark Business Group just weeks after the planning application was lodged to create 3200 new homes for an 8000-population new `eco town’ near Rigside.

Up until now the Owenstown scheme - inspired, claim its promoters, by the spirit of the social hero of New Lanark, Robert Owen - has had nothing but a `good press’, representing an all-too-rare major economic investment in Clydesdale which would, in the construction stage, create 6000 desperately needed jobs.

However, very much the other side of the coin was shown to the Lanark traders as they gathered to hear retired Glasgow City Council senior planner Crawford Fulton, now an adoptive Lanarkian, tell them Owenstown would be a colossal threat to the wellbeing of both Lanark and Biggar.

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