No fracking allowed pledges our MSP

No fracking will take place in Scotland say the Scottish Government.
No fracking will take place in Scotland say the Scottish Government.

Clydesdale’s MSP has outlined her support for the Scottish Government’s finalised policy of no support for ‘fracking’ of any sort in Scotland.

Energy Minister Paul Wheelhouse has confirmed that the Scottish Government would not license any fracking development.

He told MSPs that the existing block on unconventional oil and gas development would continue indefinitely and said the controversial extraction technique was “incompatible” with the government’s policies to tackle climate change.

The prohibition will be enforced via planning powers given to councils.

The local SNP MSP, Aileen Campbell, commented: “Scotland has been at the forefront of global action to combat climate change – recently announcing some of the most ambitious statutory targets in the world.

“I’m delighted that the Scottish Government are putting the interests of our communities in Clydesdale first and maintaining Scotland’s reputation as a global leader on tackling climate change by announcing no support for ‘fracking.’”

“It’s a move which shows we’re serious about protecting communities across Clydesdale; meeting our climate change targets and creating a better, greener country for the next generation that are following on.

“Meanwhile in England, the Tories seem intent on fracking underneath people’s homes, and in the face of considerable public opposition, with little or no concern for the impact on people’s health, the environment or indeed their local communities.

“The transformation of the energy system in Scotland has the potential to bring very significant economic and social opportunities to individuals, businesses and communities throughout Clydesdale.”