New community bus could be set for Law

Bus axing...Stuarts axing prompted villagers to take action
Bus axing...Stuarts axing prompted villagers to take action

LAW villagers fuming at the controversial axing of the number 10 bus to Wishaw could be cheered by the creation of a new replacement ‘community bus’.

The idea – which would require grant funding – would see people pay a Law Community Trust joining fee which would enable them to use a replacement service to Wishaw whenever they wanted.

Trust chairman Jim Wright said: “The Trust is looking very seriously at arranging a 16-seater bus for members which would travel into Wishaw and back four times a day.

“Similar schemes have already worked well in England.

“We reckon that leasing a bus and paying a driver could have a total cost of around £800 a week, so we’d need to apply for a rural support fund to make this possible.

“This could come via grants from a European charity or the lottery.”

Jim said that the service would see users asked for donations rather than fares; he reckoned that fees paid could be averaged out, costing members around £2 to £3 per journey.

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