New Christmas cookery courses at Healthy Valleys

Feeding the family
Feeding the family

IT’S highly unlikely that the likes of Nigella Lawson will be sitting down to her Christmas dinner this year with an unemployed or low-paid family in Clydesdale.

More fool her; she might just be missing out on far better tuck than back in her luxury home in London’s West End!

Not posh nosh but perfectly prepared platefuls on a tight budget is the aim of a new cookery course being run in the lead-up to Christmas by Healthy Valleys, the initiative established almost a decade ago to try to chip away at the disadvantages of lifestyles in some of Clydesdale’s most deprived areas, including the Douglas and Nethan Valleys.

Over the years, the work of Healthy Valleys has expanded into many different avenues.

Of the new Christmas cookery course, a Valleys spokeswoman said: “Healthy eating is an important part of maintaining good health. We encourage this by running courses to increase awareness and knowledge of a healthy and balanced diet.”