Motherwell lad Nicolas McDonald in X Factor final 11

So true...Nicholas has a shot at the big time but he needs local support to ensure he makes it through on The X Factor
So true...Nicholas has a shot at the big time but he needs local support to ensure he makes it through on The X Factor
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SIXTEEN-YEAR-OLD Motherwell lad Nicholas McDonald wowed the judges – and the audience – on The X Factor on Saturday night.

And the talented teen did such a good job that he made it through to the last eleven, during the results show on Sunday night.

Nicholas secured his place by singing his heart out on Saturday night; he was second to take to the stage, performing the Spandau Ballet classic True for the 80s night spectacular.

The school boy admitted that he hadn’t even heard the song: “I don’t have a clue who they (Spandau Ballet) are!”

Luckily, his mum Eileen had heard of them and she was able to sing a verse for him!

Regardless, the Motherwell lad blew it out the park and cemented his place in the top 11 – as revealed by Dermot O’Leary on Sunday night’s results show.

His mum Eileen had vowed before the show: “I’m going to do everything I can to get people to vote quickly and vote often.

“Everyone I know is convinced he can make it but this is one contest where the strength of local support could be the decider. There’s a tough road ahead – but he can win.”

He’s one step closer now – and he was clearly over the moon when Dermot revealed that he would be singing again next week.

On Saturday night’s show, Nicholas said: “Being a part of the final 12, it’s amazing. I’ve cried because of how much I really wanted it. I’ve stopped crying and there will be more smiles now!”

The judges were certainly impressed with his performance, given their fulsome praise for the youngster.

Sharon Osbourne said: “Such a darling and so talented. I’m glad you’re here. Confidence, a great strong voice – fabulous!”

Gary Barlow said: “I’ve got to pay you a bit of respect. Singing a song from a decade that you think is like a period drama and you completely nailed it. I’m very proud to see you up there. You have everyone on your side.

“Talk about likeability – it’s loveability with this guy.”

Fellow judge Nicole Scherzinger said: “Speaking of loveability, ever since I saw you the very first time I always loved you because of that voice and you are just so effortless up there. I don’t know where it comes from.

“But you know what? Tonight is the first night that I noticed those baby blue eyes of yours. Good job sweetie.”

And Nicholas’ mentor Louis Walsh kept the praise coming, saying: “I’m really glad to be your mentor. I think everybody in Scotland is going to be so proud of you.

“You are only 16 – you are what this show is all about. Find somebody, an unknown little kid with an awful lof of talent. I think you are going to be here for a long, long time.”

After hearing his comments, Nicolas told host Dermot: “I have always watched the show and always wanted to do this.

“This is just a dream come true being here and I’m so thankful to be here. That performance there, that was amazing.”

Dermot then asked Nicholas: “In terms of the performance today, with the dry ice and everything, did you enjoy that?”

Nicholas replied: “Yeah that’s what I said in my video. I have to keep some dry eyes tonight and I felt that that was one of my best performances. I was really happy with it.”

As for Nicole’s “baby blues” comment, Nicholas said: “I can’t complain about that!”

His baby blues were certainly smiling on Sunday night – roll on next Saturday, Nicholas!

* In the end, Sharon Osbourne could not vote between her two over 25s acts – Shelley Smith was the first to sing for survival after the flash vote on Saturday. And she was joined by Lorna Simpson, who ultimately lost after being voted out by the remaining three judges.