Minister won’t conduct “glorifying” World War One service

Stance Rev Bryan Kerr
Stance Rev Bryan Kerr

A LANARK clergyman has made it clear he WON’T conduct any service “glorifying” World War One in this centenary year of the conflict.

The Rev Bryan Kerr, of Greyfriars Church, made his feelings clear during a meeting discussing how Lanark will mark the sad anniversary of the beginning of a conflict in which 234 of its men were killed in action.

A suggestion that a special church service be held on or around the 100th anniversary of the declaration of war in August caused the minister to respond: “I want everyone to know right now that I would have a big, big problem with something commemorating the start of a war.

“It might look like a celebration and the start of this war – or any war for that matter – is nothing whatsoever to celebrate.

“Perhaps if we were marking the end of that war, some tasteful event might be in order but, the start of a war? No.

“I would have a real dilemma with a service to mark the anniversary of the beginning of a war.”

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