Mary Thirlwell to crown Lanark’s Lanimer Queen

2013 Lanimer Crowning Lady Mary Thirlwell (65)'Lanark'29/1/13
2013 Lanimer Crowning Lady Mary Thirlwell (65)'Lanark'29/1/13

Mary Thirlwell has been chosen to crown Lanark’s 2013 Lanimer Queen.

“It is an honour, a lovely honour,” said Mary on Tuesday. “I’m absolutely delighted.”

Mary, of Howacre, Lanark, has been involved in youth work all her life.

She is best known for her service in the Guides, beginning in her own childhood when she enrolled as a Brownie in Midlothian in 1956, and working as a Guider, raising funds with the Lanark Friends of Guiding, and finally serving as District Commissioner for many years.

For more details, see this week’s Carluke and Lanark Gazette.