Man exposed himself to delivery driver at Law home

Lanark Sheriff Court
Lanark Sheriff Court

A man specifically asked for a woman to deliver a takeaway meal to his home - and when she turned up with the food he exposed himself to her.

The shocked woman backed away from the door and was in hysterics when she returned to the takeaway.

At Lanark Sheriff Court on Wednesday, David Aitchison (39) was placed on the Sex Offenders Register after being convicted of exposing himself to the delivery driver at his home in Hazel Grove, Law.

The court heard that Aitchison had called in to the takeaway about 5pm on January 11 and placed the order, but specified that it would be delivered about an hour later by the “girl”.

Takeaway staff said that he had checked it would be the girl he had earlier met as she put menus through doors elsewhere in Lanarkshire.

“He said, could we make sure the girl does the delivery,” said the shop manager.

The female delivery driver had also heard him asking for “the girl” to make his delivery.

Giving evidence, she said that when she turned up about 6.30pm with the delivery, Aitchison opened the door wearing only a housecoat and denied having ordered the food.

He then went upstairs to get some money and when he came back down he was exposing himself.

“He was wearing his housecoat wide open,” she said.

She had felt “disgusted” and had backed away “awkwardly” from the door, frightened to turn her back on him in case he grabbed her.

She had driven away a short distance, then had parked.

“I was crying; I felt embarrassed,” she said, becoming distressed in court.

Asked about a tattoo and scarring on Aitchison’s body - scars he showed to the sheriff - she said not seen those.

“I was mortified,” she said. “I was looking at the floor.”

Aitchison, a delivery driver for Iceland Foods, denied exposing himself and claimed in court that the dressing gown had been tied shut.

He agreed that he had ordered the meal in the takeaway, but said he could not remember specifying who should deliver it.

He claimed that he had phoned to change the time of the delivery to 8pm, when his wife and children would be home and he had finished work.

He said he had not been due to finish work until 7pm, but had had to return home because of a medical condition, which was why he was in the dressing gown. He said he had given her £2.50 for the delivery charge, she had left and he had gone back to work.

The court heard that it had been Aitchison who contacted the police. He had returned home later to be told by neighbours that three men had been at his door, accusing him of exposing himself to the delivery driver.

“You lured her there on the pretext of making a delivery, you then refused the delivery and you exposed yourself to her,” depute procurator fiscal Liam Haggart put to Aitchison.

Sheriff Derek McIntyre convicted Aitchison, and deferred sentence for background reports.