M74 driver jailed for £75,000 drug package

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A former shopkeeper who agreed to collect a package of drugs from England was jailed for three years at Lanark Sheriff Court on Tuesday after being caught returning on the M74 with cannabis worth £75,000.

Tanweer Ahmed (53) admitted that he had been concerned in the supplying of a controlled drug.

The court heard that on November 4 last year police had “reliable intelligence” that he was going to England in a blue Jaguar to collect drugs and then return to Glasgow.

They stopped him on his return, on the M74 near Abington Services.

Ahmed had a block of cannabis resin in his jacket pocket, and a search of his car revealed 15 kilo blocks, each worth £5000 - £75,000 in total.

A solicitor said that Ahmed had developed depression and alcohol problems after his licensed grocers went bust.

He had been jailed for drug production, and had got out of prison last year with no money, no job and no hope for the future, and had started drinking again.

He was then offered £500 to drive to a service station and pick up the package.

Sheriff Nikola Stewart jailed Ahmed for 36 months.