Litterlouts ‘ton up’ seven times on roads

Roadside litter laws to change.'Ap 2019
Roadside litter laws to change.'Ap 2019

Clydesdale MSP Aileen Campbell has welcomed an announcement of tougher action on littering from vehicles.

With 1,300 bags – nearly 7 tonnes – of rubbish gathered from the sides of the M8 and M9 alone each month, the Scottish Government is to take action as soon as possible under the National Litter Strategy.

“Litter thrown from vehicles is blighting our lovely countryside,” said Ms Campbell. “Unfortunately, there is also plenty of it at the side of the M74 which brings tourists up into Scotland, and I’m noticing a growing problem on smaller country roads here in Clydesdale.

“It gives visitors a poor impression of our area. It is hard to understand why drivers or passengers choose to throw litter out of the car window rather than finding a bin later, Lifting this rubbish puts the clean-up squads working next to fast-moving traffic on motorways or winding rural roads in danger, so it is a welcomed initiative from the Scottish Government that I hope will encourage folk to stop littering and lead to a visible difference on our roads.”

The Scottish Government is introducing a new law making littering from vehicles illegal.