Leave our Lanimer Day alone Mrs May!

Queen-Elect Olivia Bell with members of her court from St Mary's Primary School
Queen-Elect Olivia Bell with members of her court from St Mary's Primary School

There was a feeling of lightning striking twice this week as speculation grew that the Prime Minister might call ANOTHER General Election that clashes with Lanark’s Lanimer Day.

The same thing happened only two years ago when Mrs May’s ‘snap’ election of 2017 saw the town’s major civic celebrations being put back a week.

This week, like the rest of the nation, the Lanimer Committee can only guess whether or not the Prime Minister will go for a June 6 poll.

Despite denials from leading Conservatives over the weekend that Mrs May will go to the country if she fails to get a Brexit deal at the end of next month, political commentators have claimed that the governing party has put its election team on standby and a large sum of money has been committed to party advertising in the lead-up to the first week in June.

There are also the factors of current UK polls showing the Conservatives ahead of Labour - a situation similar to those that tempted the Prime Minister down the election road two years ago - and Labour’s mantra of wanting such an election as soon as possible.

And Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who was on a visit to Glasgow at the weekend, said the nation “couldn’t wait” for a General Election.

Whatever happens, when the 2017 election was called, the Lanimer Committee and the town as a whole coped superbly, the whole celebrations being moved back a week appearing to go smoothly.

In this time of uncertainty, there is only one sure thing; Lanark WILL have its Lanimer Day 2019.

Only its date remains in question.

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