Lanimer Pageant 2013

A DAY of delight in Lanark began as the people taking part in the procession gathered at the top of the town.

Local kids, big and small, were in fine form with some of the colourful costumes including spacemen, sweeties and Middle Eastern dancers.

'Sweet Dream' by Kilninie Club (Pic Lindsay Addison)

'Sweet Dream' by Kilninie Club (Pic Lindsay Addison)

Our video features a couple of the colourful characters who were raring to go!

Lanimer stalwarts Freda And Friends went with a Musical theme this year in honour of Crowning Lady Mary Thirlwell.

Organiser Freda Parlett explains: “Mary organises our trips to a number of musicals throughout the year so we thought it would be great way to pay tribute to her.

“She definitely deserves the honour and she has really enjoyed her week so far.”

It was not hard to spot the Kirkfieldbank Community as they had all dressed up as Where’s Wally while the sounds of Samba came to Lanark in the shape of St Aidan’s High School and the Beats of Brazil.

If anyone was under the weather on Lanimer Day, then Stanmore House School pupils and staff were there to help thanks to its Stanmore To The Rescue entry although it would be wise to go to a real hospital rather than the Bowrie Gang’s Crackpot Clinic.

St Mary’s Primary School were enjoying a day at the races complete with Lanark Silver Bell.

One of the organisers Lesley Wilson said: “The design has got a touch of Royal Ascot about it but with a wee Lanark twist to it.”

It might be summer time but pupils at Robert Owen Primary were already thinking of December thanks to their Christmas Parade while the kids of Lanark Primary were out of this world with their Luna-Mars entry.

The Kranal Club was full of Eastern promise as its members danced their way down Lanark High Street and the Kilninie Club members will definitely be having Sweet Dreams thanks to their tribute to our favourite sweeties.