Landslide at Lanark Thistle Bowling Club

ONE of Lanark's oldest clubs is on the slide — or, rather, the hill it stands on is.

The thaw which saw the recent snow and ice disappear took with it a large part of the town's historic Castle Hill on top of which stands Lanark Thistle Bowling Club, this year celebrating its 250th anniversary.

Hundreds of tons of soil from the side of the hill facing Castlebank Park has slipped into the small gorge that runs between the club and the park.

This has led to speculation about the future of one of the town's most ancient institutions and one of the oldest bowling clubs in the whole of Scotland — if not the oldest of them all.

Now exposed are large iron girders, luckily placed under that side of the green when steady, slow slippage of the hillside was noticed over a decade ago.

They appear to be holding that side of the green and surrounding pathway up, preventing them too from sliding into the gorge.

Site owner South Lanarkshire Council is carrying out inspections to see what the extent of the damage is.

Said club president Darren Emery this week: "I suppose it's all down to the council and health and safety people now what happens."

An SLC spokeswoman said that workers had made the site safe. The council is still awaiting a more detailed report on the damage.

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