Lanark woman’s sight is saved

Lanark woman's sight saved by eye test
Lanark woman's sight saved by eye test

A Lanark woman’s eyesight was saved by a quick-thinking optician, who spotted she was suffering from a potentially blinding eye disease.

And 39-year-old Julie Brown is now urging others to have regular eye examinations after the test revealed she was suffering from glaucoma, which will eventually leave her blind.

She had been due to fly out to Australia for a three-week holiday only days before but cancelled the trip at the last minute.

If she had boarded the flight, the cabin pressure could have left her permanently blind.

Instead, Julie booked an appointment at Specsavers in Lanark after suffering severe headaches for months.

She said: “I first noticed something was wrong on December 1; I remember the day as I was going to view a house.

“I asked my husband if there was something wrong with the halogen lights in the lounge as I was seeing “rainbow” circles round them.

“I also had a really sore head but I took some painkillers and just forgot about it.”

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