Lanark supermarket is rapped for selling drink to under-age teenager

Morrisons store'St Vincent Place'Lanark'8/10/12
Morrisons store'St Vincent Place'Lanark'8/10/12

LANARK’S Morrisons supermarket has been rapped over the knuckles for selling drink to an under-age boy after being caught in a police `sting’ operation.

A youngster under 18, sent into the store by police to attempt to buy a bottle of wine, succeeded in doing so through the store’s automatic self-service check-out.

The sale went through after a staff member - now sacked - manually approved the sale without properly checking the decoy’s age.

The incident, at quarter past midday on April 27, led to Morrisons being hauled before the Clydesdale District Licensing Board on Friday for a “review” of its drinks licence at the request of the police.

At the hearing police representative Sergeant Tom Eadie outlined the basic facts of the case. He said, to be fair, a further, follow-up test purchase using a young police agent had been staged three weeks after the incident, on May 18, and this time staff refused service.

A solicitor acting for the supermarket explained to the Board the “extensive”, high-tech measures the store had taken to prevent such a thing happening, the blame, at the end of the day, beifg “entirely due to human error”.