Lanark Memorial Hall will not be open for Lanimer Day

Memorial Hall'St Leonard Street'Lanark'2/5/13
Memorial Hall'St Leonard Street'Lanark'2/5/13

It has been finally confirmed that Lanark’s Memorial Hall WON’T be re-opened in time for this year’s Lanimers – despite hopes that it would be.

After four and a half years closed for a £5 million refurbishment, there were high hopes that the town’s main public venue would be able to resume its role in this year’s celebrations, staging the Lanimer Reception.

However, it has now been announced by South Lanarkshire Leisure that it will miss the Lanimer deadline by one week. This means that the Reception this year will have to be held once again in its temporary home of Greyfriars Church.

The minister of that kirk, the Rev Bryan Kerr, is also the Lanimer Committee’s Reception Convenor but he was speaking as the town’s churches’ member of the Community Council when he summed up the Memorial Hall project as an “absolute farce from start to finish”.

He added: “It is absolutely ridiculous that it has now taken over four years to carry out what started off as a two and a half year long project.”

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