Lanark Grammar’s new motto sparks war of words

War of Lanark Grammar School
War of Lanark Grammar School

A WAR of words between pupils and staff at Lanark Grammar has broken out over an important milestone in the school’s 830-year-long history.

The school is currently deciding on a new motto and the way this is being done has led to an allegation that a promise to largely leave the choice to pupils has been welched on.

The Gazette has been told by senior pupils that it is not the words of the motto which are in dispute but what LANGUAGE they are in!

Perhaps suprisingly, the youngsters want a Latin motto to reflect the school’s ancient classical roots while the senior staff want whatever choice of words to be in modern English, arguing it would be more easily understandable to all.

For at least one senior pupil who contacted the Gazette, the whole issue comes down to a simple one of “democracy”.

Asking for his name to be withheld from publication, he claimed to speak for a large number of senior pupils; the Gazette spoke separately to another senior pupil and he confirmed this.

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