Lanark dog show raises money for young Marten

Marten Mcfee dog show
Marten Mcfee dog show

A DOG show held in Lanark at the weekend had a VERY human – and humane – inspiration behind it.

Entries of canines from all over Scotland flocked to the Lanark Agriculturtal Centre for the Companion Dog Show on Saturday, the animals on display ranging from beloved family pets to valuable top-class pedigrees.

However, at the very heart of the show was a human being – a wee boy to be exact – and one who, at the age of just two and a half, has had to endure more ill health and medical treatment than most of us will ever have to face.

The basic aim of the show was to raise money for and to publicise a revoluntionary treatment for Celebral Palsy, one of the cruellest conditions that can attack the human body, robbing its victim of most of their physical and sensory abilities.

Stricken with it was little Marten McPhee who received probably the worst birthday ‘present’ ever when he was diagnosed with Cerebal Palsy on the very day he turned one year old

Now, a year and a half on, his parents have suffered alongside him as, at first, it seemed that Marten – the spelling is thanks to his mum’s Baltic origins – was doomed to a short and painful life, being steadily shorn of all his abilities and senses.

However, the McPhees heard of a new, non-evasive treatment called ABR, only currently available on the Continent.