Lanark Doctors’ nine minute illness claim

Patient claim...regarding Lanark Doctors'
Patient claim...regarding Lanark Doctors'

A LANARK Doctors’ patient has slammed what she calls a potentially dangerous policy of rationing appointment times to nine minutes per patient per illness.

She claims that people with more than one medical complaint have to make a separate appointment at the Woodstock Medical Centre if they want each one of their other illnesses dealt with by a doctor.

The practice denies there is any set policy but admits that GP shortages means appointment time is at a premium.

The complaint comes from Fiona Douglas, of Stanmore Avenue, herself an NHS employee.

She walked out of an appointment with a Lanark GP last week after she was allegedly asked to chose which one of the three medical conditions she thought the most serious as that was the only one the doctor would deal with in the nine minute consultation time.

A spokeswoman for Lanark Doctors said that a national shortage of GPs was affecting appointment times.

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