Lanark dentist John Stewart severely reprimanded

Severely reprimanded...Lanark dentist John Stewart
Severely reprimanded...Lanark dentist John Stewart

A LANARK dentist has been found guilty of prescribing non-dental drugs to a number of patients and misleading a pharmicist.

The General Dental Council severely reprimanded John Stewart, of the Waterloo Dental Practice, when he appeared before the Professional Conduct Committee last week.

During the hearing, the committee discovered that between 2009 and 2013 Stewart prescribed drugs in non-emergency circumstances to 10 patients – seven of whom the dentist had a ‘close and personal relationship’ with.

Among the drugs prescribed by Stewart were tranquiliser Diazepam, birth control pill Microgynon and Prochlorperazine Maleate, which is used in low doses as an anti-emetic and in high doses for psychosis.

The committee rejected Stewart’s claim that his behaviour amounted to nothing more than an oversight. However, it did note “the difficult personal circumstances” Stewart had prior to the events taking place. It also noted that Stewart had taken extensive steps to address his past lapses of judgement.

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