Lanark butcher has ‘steak’ in Alastair’s career

Lanark butcher Alan Elliot with bodybuilder Alistair Wilson (Picture Sarah Peters)
Lanark butcher Alan Elliot with bodybuilder Alistair Wilson (Picture Sarah Peters)

Popular Lanark butcher Alan Elliot has decided to ‘beef up’ the career of a local lad who is quickly muscling in on the world of professional bodybuilding.

The locally unique sponsorship deal between Alan’s Wellgate business and rising Lanark star Alastair Wilson came about simply due to the sheer amount of meat the 28-year-old consumes in his fitness regime.

This involves getting up at half-past-four every morning and instead of the bowl of cornflakes or toast and marmalade most folk might breakfast on, Alastair starts his day with two big steaks and four egg whites.

As the day goes on he will top up his protein levels with four or five chicken breasts or fish fillets or a combination of the two.

Alan, who has been running his current Lanark shop for four years, but has over 20 years in the trade, explained that his business would benefit from the publicity Alastair would attract every time he wins a championship or competition.

He said: “We’re having the tee-shirts and fleece jackets with our name on it made in time for Alastair’s next big competition which, luckily enough, is at Lanark Memorial Hall next month.

“It’s also good to have a Lanark business supporting a local guy making a name for himself.”

Thanking Alan for his support, Alastair said: “As far as I’m concerned - and everyone has a different metabolism - diet is 70 per cent of my fitness regime and exercise just 30 per cent.

“I was 20 stone three years ago and decided to do something about it. After working out, I lost eight stone. I entered my first competition in November last year and won best ‘first timer’ category.

“Since then I’ve won the Mr Caledonia title and I came seventh in the British championships.”

He’s hoping for a big turnout of home support for his next contest at the Memorial Hall on Saturday, November 7, the heats starting at 1.30pm.