Kirkfieldbank families react to derisory compensation offer from ScottishPower

THOSE in Clydesdale worst hit by the lengthy powercuts at the start of the year have finally been paid compensation for their 76 hours in the cold and dark – £1.53p each.

The offer from ScottishPower has been greeted with a mixture of outrage and disbelief by the 53 residents of the Clyde Valley Caravan Park in Kirkfieldbank who have been told they will have to share the grand total of £81 in compensation between them.

That means that they are each to receive just over 2p per hour of the three days they endured without any power in January when severe weather conked out their supply despite the residential caravan park being less than a mile from Clydesdale’s biggest power station.

One of the residents told us: “When we heard we were getting £1.53 for being blacked out for three days we thought it was either a mistake or a wind-up.

“Now we know exactly what it is - it is an insult.”

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