Khan the canine Cameronian was a hero

Lanark dug, Cameronians
Lanark dug, Cameronians

DURING its long, glorious history, it wasn’t EVERY member of Clydesdale’s `own’ regiment The Cameronians who marched into battle in a pair of Army boots.

At least one `Cam’ - and a heroic one at that - did it on four paws!

That canine Cameronian was Rifleman Khan, an Alsatian dog `called up’ for service in WWII emerging from the conflict with the animal kingdom’s equivalent of the Victoria Cross for valiantly saving the life of its human master.

The story of the deeds of Khan on the frontline of war-torn Europe in 1944 hit the nation’s headlines at the time but are now largely, sadly forgotten.

However, a timely reminder has now come in the form of a new book, The Animal Victoria Cross, by Peter Hawthorne, an anthology of the stirring stories behind the winners of the Dicken Medal, that aforementioned animal `VC’.

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