Keep an eye on Clydesdale’s schools!

Forth of South Lanarkshire's brand new schools ( Picture by Sarah Peters)
Forth of South Lanarkshire's brand new schools ( Picture by Sarah Peters)

School’s out for summer – and the police are asking the public to keep an eye on the buildings over the long summer holidays.

AT this time of the year, the local Community Policing team makes an extra effort to ensure that the schools remain safe and secure. Throughout the summer, officers will be out on foot and cycle patrol and carrying out additional patrols around the local schools.

But the team would like to ask that residents to help in ensuring school buildings and grounds remain secure, by being vigilant and reporting anything suspicious.

“Schools are an important part of the community and we all share responsibility for helping prevent any vandalism or thefts over the summer,” said PC David Wesencraft, community liaison officer for the Clydesdale area.

South Lanarkshire Council works in partnership with Police Scotland to help ensure school buildings were protected.

“In South Lanarkshire we have the largest school modernisation programme in Scotland which has seen over 100 schools newly built or modernised as we want to provide the best educational opportunities we can for children, young people and teachers,” said a spokesperson. “Our schools are seen as community assets and we want to ensure that they are vandalism free.”

Contact Police Scotland by dialling 101 if you see any suspicious activity around any of the schools.