Is ‘Twenty Plenty’ in Lanark High Street?

Slow Lanark High Street
Slow Lanark High Street

WHY are Lanark folk expected to be able to cross their High Street a third faster than the citizens of Biggar just 13 miles away?

That was the question at the heart of a call this week for the speed limits on the main roads through both town centres to be set at 20mph.

As previously reported, South Lanarkshire Council has confirmed new lower speed limits on the approaches to Lanark following a spate of accidents in recent times.

However, it also confirmed this week that there will be no change to the 30mph on Lanark High Street, a decision which has disappointed one of its three councillors for the area, the SNP’s Councillor Vivienne Shaw.

She expressed her discontent when the speed limits came up for discussion at Monday night’s meeting of Lanark Community Council.

Vivienne said: “I asked that the limit for Lanark’s High Street be made the same as that planned for Biggar’s, 20mph, but I was bombed out.

“I can’t see why a ‘Twenty’s Plenty’ zone should apply to one high street and not to another.”

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