Help map the way ahead for Lanark

Lord Cornet Gary Winning
Lord Cornet Gary Winning

Lanark has been a market town for centuries but resting on past laurels isn’t going to keep the burgh economy healthy into the 21st century.

With the town centre shops already up against the internet shopping boom plus the older competition of big town and city shopping malls, all in traders in Lanark seem agreed that ‘something must be done’.

What that ‘something’ is could be decided at what might turn out to be a crucial meeting for the Royal Burgh being held in its histroric Tolbooth on Wednesday, November 28 at 6pm to which representatives of all businesses in the town, big and small, are invited.

Under the ‘Discover Lanark’ banner hoisted by the town’s Community Development Trust, that gathering will be the official launch of the campaign to make the Royal Burgh a Businesses Improvement District (BID).

Throughout the country, towns have already decided to adopt the government-approved BID model, the basic idea being that all local businesses pay into a central ‘pot’ from which general improvements to the town are paid for.

There is to be a vote in the new year when all Lanark businesses will be asked if they are for or against becoming a BID area.

Heading up the Discover Lanark team promoting the idea is Lord Cornet Gary Winning. He sent the invitation to attend the meeting by saying: “Discover how the exciting proposals outlined in the plan will help shape a brighter future for Lanark’s businesses and community.

“Members of the Discover Lanark steering group will be in attendance to talk about how the plan will work, opportunities for your involvement and ways you can contribute.”

For further information go to or contact Gary direct at gary@discoverlanark.