Heavy snow hits Clydesdale


WINTER was back with a vengeance in Clydesdale on Tuesday morning, with heavy snowfall and strong winds here making last week’s unseasonably mild and sunny weather seem like a distant memory.

The short sleeved shirts and light jackets worn by Clydesdale workers last week were replaced by jumpers and heavy anoraks, as we adjusted to temperatures around 15 degrees cooler than seven days ago.

The irony of the cold snap hitting just a few days after a heatwave wouldn’t be lost on the parents of local schoolchildren beginning their fortnight’s Easter Break on Monday.

The mums and dads of Clydesdale went from enjoying sunbathing in hotter weather than Saudi Arabia a week ago to contemplating going out into the garden to make a snowman with their kids as temperatures barely hovered above freezing.

But, as we shiver here, spare a thought for the people of Aboyne in Aberdeenshire.

One week on from having a record high Scottish temperature for March of 23.6 degrees, the temperature was to dip as low as minus two before dipping down to minus four on Wednesday.