Take smoke outside is message to workers

Tracy-Ann Kidd with Roger Peters of Dawnfresh Seafoods
Tracy-Ann Kidd with Roger Peters of Dawnfresh Seafoods

Workforces across Lanarkshire are being asked to be aware of the dangers of second hand smoke.

The initiative, using a bear named Big Tiny, asks those who smoke to be aware of the dangers, particularly its 
impact on young children, and to take their smoking well away from any environment in which children are in.

The message is aimed to encourage smokers to take their smoking outdoors.

NHS Lanarkshire health improvement senior Tracy-Ann Kidd is leading the 
campaign in Lanarkshire, she said: “People are always surprised when they hear how exposure to second hand smoke can increase a child’s risk of developing or worsening their asthma as well as respiratory and ear infections, and meningitis.

“It also surprises them when they hear how 85 per cent of cigarette smoke is invisible, has no smell, and can linger about a house for up to five hours.

“We want to give people this information, not to lecture them or make them feel guilty, but simply to highlight to them that second hand smoke is more dangerous than many people think – especially for children as their lungs are still developing and are more sensitive and they breathe quicker than adults which means they breathe in more of the smoke.”

Shirley Mitchell, NHS Lanarkshire stop smoking service manager said: “I’ve yet to meet a smoker who doesn’t regret starting and none want their children to start as they’re well aware of the negative health implications.

“But not all parents are fully aware of the threat posed by second hand smoke which is why we’re taking this message into workplaces to help people make their cars and homes smoke free.”

To find out more about second hand smoke visit Right Outside