Biggar Gala Day 2012'Picture by Helen Barrington
Biggar Gala Day 2012'Picture by Helen Barrington
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DESPITE the dour and dreich day a huge crowd gathered outside Biggar Municipal Hall to see this year’s Fleming Queen Eilidh Sandilands crowned.

As Fleming Queen Eilidh Sandilands made her way down to the Municipal Hall on a horse and carriage the rain that had been pouring down temporarily gave the huge crowd that was gathering some temporary respite to see Eilidh’s big moment.

The 2012 Crowning Lady Janette Rae, who was escorted onto the stage by this year’s Cornet James Tawse, had double cause for celebration as her daughter Angie and her family had travelled all the way from Australia for her big day.

The gala celebrations also rounded off a great seven days for the Tawse family as James’ sister Jennifer had the honour of carrying the Olympic Torch earlier in the week.

All of this year’s gala court made their way on stage and received a lovely reception from the crowd.

And as Eilidh was crowned a huge cheer went up from the cold, wet but happy crowd.

Queen Eilidh’s first official duty was to hand out this year’s Burgh Gloves as the race had been run the previous Thursday.

This year Luke Foss was the winner with this year’s Champion William Muir taking home the Junior Gloves.

Following the crowning of her daughter, Eilidh’s mum Kay said: “I’m really proud of her and the crowning ceremony was really nice, although it is a bit chilly.

“It’s been a really enjoyable day so far and I am looking forward to the procession and the lunch that follows; we are also having a party at the house later on.”

Eilidh’s dad Ian certainly had an eventful morning.

He said: “I was putting up a few last-minute decorations up and I cracked my head off the ladder!

“But I’m so proud of Eilidh and hope that the weather brightens up a bit.”

This year’s Safe Out, Safe In Colin Murphy was also enjoying the day’s festivities.

Colin said: “It’s always a really enjoyable event and for me it has been a fantastic week.”

He said he hoped the weather would clear up later in the afternoon.