Head for Abington Show today (Saturday)

Memories of last year...atl Abington Show
Memories of last year...atl Abington Show

THE FINAL agricultural show in Clydesdale’s season takes place at Abington next Saturday, August 22.

And, as befits an area with a long history of mutton farming, organisers are expecting a huge turnout of sheep.

“The main attraction will be the stock,” said chairman Dougie Fleming.

“We will have one of the best Blackfaced sheep sections in Scotland.”

With over 200 entries registered for the Blackfaced 
section, it is one of the 
largest – if not the largest – in Scotland.

Exhibitors are coming from as far away as the North of England and Argyll.

“It is a big draw,” added Dougie.

Other sheep sections have also attracted strong entries from across southern Scotland and northern England .

While sheep are the major feature of Abington Show, there are also cattle exhibited; classes are judged on the farm and the top beasts brought along on the day.

The pony section also proves popular, with games, jumping and sports competitions for the riders.

And again the dog show is being held – that is at 1.30pm — and entries are taken on the field.

Abington Show used to be confined to local parishes, but that has been relaxed over the years, and this year, for the first time, the industrial section is open to the wider public 
and should attract entries from the best bakers and needlewomen from a much larger area.

“We are expecting a huge increase in entries,” added Dougie.

Humans are put through their paces at Abington as well, with a 7KM road race setting off at 1pm.

Entries for that 
are taken on the field, and there is a half-sized race for youngsters.

There is also an afternoon programme of sports for children, with races and traditional fun such as sack races, as well as the modern inflatables.

“We will have slides and bouncy castles for the kids,” said Dougie.

“We will also attract a lot of livestock, but we are looking for the general public to attend.”

Admission to the show, in Littlegill Farm, Abington, is £5 for adults and free for those under 16.