Greta sets up Leadhills hedgehog sanctuary

Hedgehog Greta took in on Sunday...unfortunately it was too weak to survive
Hedgehog Greta took in on Sunday...unfortunately it was too weak to survive

LEADHILLS woman Greta Clark is so worried about the fate of hedgehogs in these cold days that she is start a hedgehog sanctuary.

She has not thought of a name for it yet, but believes it will be the highest in Scotland.

Greta, who has a massive six-acre garden in the village, has cared for the little creatures for many years, and people are accustomed to handing them in to her,

“I always have looked after them,” she said.

But the photograph shows a hedgehog which she received on Sunday, and which was unfortunately, by then, too ill to save.

“This made me aware that the hedgehogs are going to require care even earlier this year,” she said.

“I have decided to start a hedgehog sanctuary here in Leadhills.

“Last year I looked after a lovely late litter of babies and they all happily went into the woods in the spring.”

But this time Greta, is going to provide more formal care. She is looking for a grant to buy equipment, and she expects to be able to look after hedgehogs in cages, in the warmth.

“I am fortunate in having Jill Dolphin, who is a Veterinary Nurse and British Hedgehog Preservation Society expert, to help,” said Greta.

“Two Rivers,the veterinary practice in BIggar have kindly said they will help.

“I hope to look after some of these lovely little creatures this winter and this way help to preserve the species.

“Hedgehogs are an endangered species.”

She believes the changeable weather is putting youngsters at risk.

Young hedgehogs from a May litter would be strong and be running around just now, but those from a September litter are not so fortunate.

“If they have a litter now, half of them can’t survive come October,” said Greta.

But she hopes that two or three cages in the warmth of her study, or her conservatory, will make all the difference to the survival of these little animals.