Greens field candidates in all four Clydesdale seats

Green candidates top, Janet Moxley and Ryan Doherty; below, Craig Dalzell and Mandy Meikle.
Green candidates top, Janet Moxley and Ryan Doherty; below, Craig Dalzell and Mandy Meikle.

The South Lanarkshire Council poll on Thursday, May 4, will make a bit of Clydesdale electoral history as, for the first time, the Scottish Green Party will field a candidate in all four local wards.

This week, each of them introduced themselves and their aims to the electorate.

The Greens launched their Clydesdale campaign by stating that they have a proven record at Holyrood as the current SNP Scottish Government depended on the votes of Green MSPs to get through the legislation to request that the UK Government approve a second Scottish independence referendum.

More locally, the Greens are claiming credit for, according to a spokeswoman, “securing £9.4m of additional funding for South Lanarkshire in the Scottish budget”.

Perhaps the party’s best-known local figure, Janet Moxley, is standing in the Clydesdale East ward, where the environmental scientist has lived for 20 years.

She said: “If elected, I will build on my track record of campaigning against cuts to bus services and work for public transport improvements such as the reopening of Symington station, improved bus services to Carstairs Junction Station and bus services between Biggar and Carnwath.

“I will also press the council to give more support to rural businesses in sectors such as tourism, agriculture and light engineering.”

In Clydesdale South, the Green candidate is Blackwood and Kirkmuirhill-born-and-bred Craig Dalzell, a worker for a policy think-tank.

He said: “As a Green councillor, I will ensure that local people’s views are heard in planning decisions, improve council transparency and accountability, campaign for better bus and train services and encourage the council to support small businesses.

“I will ensure the council hears what services you think need protecting and where additional investment is required to make vital improvements.”

The Greens’ Clydesdale North candidate is Ryan Doherty, who describes himself as “a local man with a young family who has worked, lived and volunteered around this area for most of my life”.

“I feel strongly that we need to protect our vital public services,” he said.

“Our population in South Lanarkshire is projected to increase.

“Green councillors will seek to increase the supply of good-quality, affordable social housing.

“Rural transport is still an issue, and as a Green councillor, I will campaign for more efficient and economically viable local public transport.

“If elected, I will be seeking more investment and better services for this beautiful part of the country.”

In Clydesdale West, the Green hopeful is Mandy Meikle.

She has lived in Clydesdale since 1991 and has been a party member since 2001.

She has a PhD in microbiology and works in the voluntary sector, mostly on environmental and energy matters.

She said: “ My current interests include sustainable consumption, waste reduction and inequality.

“I am standing for election as I believe it is important for everyone in Clydesdale to have an opportunity to vote Green.”

If any of the four hopefuls is elected on May 4, he or she will be the first Green councillor in Clydesdale’s history.