Great Tapestry begins month-long stay in New Lanark

On show...The Great Tapestry of Scotland
On show...The Great Tapestry of Scotland

HOSTING a national treasure doesn’t come cheap and this has led to a special appeal from New Lanark to businesses in ‘old’ Lanark.

The coming of the Great Tapestry of Scotland to the New Lanark Institute for a month-long stay, starting this week, is expected to draw thousands of extra visitors to the area.

And Lanark businesses are being asked to club in with sponsorship to cover some of the £5000 costs involved in putting the work on show.

The Great Tapestry, completed last year, tells the story of Scotland from prehistoric times to the eve of the Referendum and was the work of over 1000 volunteer stitchers.

It is thought to be the biggest artwork of its kind in the world and has proved a magnet for visitors.

And the New Lanark Trust, via Lanark Business Group, is now appealing for support.

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