Grace’s hair gets the chop for a good cause

Grace Ewart (10) had her long hair cut off for Little Princess Trust'.
Grace Ewart (10) had her long hair cut off for Little Princess Trust'.

Young Grace Ewart shows off her new look - after having her hair chopped for the first time in her life.

The ten-year-old, who goes to Underbank Primary, announced that she wanted to have her hair cut off to make a wig for a child who has lost her - or his - own hair because of cancer treatment.

Grace before she had the haircut

Grace before she had the haircut

And although her mother waited, she never changed her mind.

On Wednesday Grace and mum Wanda Guarini went to Nelson’s in Lanark where her hair was put into pigtails, and cut off.

Now they are being sent to the Little Princess Trust, which provides real hair wigs for youngsters.

“We came across the project one day while we were looking at the internet, and Grace said she wanted to do it,” explained Wanda.

“She said: ‘My hair can always grow back, and I can help other people’.” “I put it off, but I knew she was sure she wanted to do it. She said she was feeling sorry for those other children.”

At the hairdresser’s Heather cut a length of hair about 12-inches long, enough to go towards a wig for another child. And the hairdresser did the cutting as a donation.

Grace had never had her hair cut before, apart from the odd trim to take off an inch or so, but she likes her new style.

“Grace is proud of herself,” said her mother. “She has done a nice thing.”

Her final step was to send the hair to the charity.

“I wanted Grace to send it herself, to go to the Post Office after school and to say one last goodbye to her hair!”