Gilkerscleugh joins broadband age

Gilkerscleuch'22/2/11'Picture by Lindsay Addison
Gilkerscleuch'22/2/11'Picture by Lindsay Addison

BROADBAND coverage in rural Clydesdale is to be dramatically improved following a successful bid made to a Scottish Government Challenge Fund.

A group of nine households and businesses at Gilkerscleugh, between Abington and Crawfordjohn, started to work with South Lanarkshire Rural Partnership to develop the project and convert it into a funding application.

The householders and businesses had no access to broadband because of the amount of copper cable the broadband signal had to travel over between the telephone exchange and their properties.

They are situated only two miles from the Crawfordjohn exchange but are currently connected to the Crawford exchange.

A potential solution was identified that involved changing the feeder exchange from Crawford to Crawfordjohn, so reducing the exchange to a user distance of 6.5 miles to 1.8 miles. And this has now been approved.

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