Get ready for Lanark’s unique rite of spring!!

Whuppity Scoorie, Lanark
Whuppity Scoorie, Lanark

Lanark’s own unique rite of spring takes place next Tuesday, March 1, as the town bell strikes 6pm.

Scores of youngsters are expected to take part, waiting for the send off at Lanark Cross with their balls of newspaper at the ready.

The youngsters then run three times round St Nicholas Church, swinging the newspaper balls around their heads as they run.

For them, the event culminates in a scramble for coins thrown by members of the Royal Burgh of Lanark Community Council.

The origins of the event are lost in the mists of time.

It may have been tied in with a curfew change at the start of spring, or with miscreants being whupped then scoored in the Clyde, or it may involve beating the devil out of the town.

Whatever, the annual custom is a lot of fun and enjoyed by local children.