Generous gift from Forth lass Charley Mackie

One snip...and Charley's plaited hair can help a child undergoing cancer treatment (Pic Sarah Peters)
One snip...and Charley's plaited hair can help a child undergoing cancer treatment (Pic Sarah Peters)

LIFE is going to be a bit more bearable for a young cancer victim somewhere thanks to the extraordinary kindness of a little girl in Forth.

Charley Mackie, who just turned five in December, has had her lovely hair cut off to be made into a wig by a charity which helps youngsters with cancer.

And everyone who heard of this was so impressed that Charley also raised over £1000 in sponsorship.

The Little Princess Trust takes donations of hair which has to be over seven inches long – and Charley’s thick plait was well beyond that.

“It was 11 inches altogether that was taken off,” said proud mum Suzanne, adding that Charley was loving her new short hair style.

“She really suits it, and people have been commenting on how lovely it is,” said Suzanne.

Charley had never had her long hair cut before, apart from an occasional trim, but after seeing a television programme at the end of last year about the need for wigs for young cancer sufferers, she was determined to help.

The award-winning Little Princess Trust charity was launched in 2006 following the death of a little girl. Her family and friends had realised just how traumatic it was for a child to lose her hair because of treatment and they set up the charity to provide real hair quality wigs for youngsters.

Charley’s family left sponsorship forms in the school, the Co-op and sports centre and her mum took one into the care home where she works. Her gran took one to the bingo and by the time Carluke hairdresser Gillian Lind called at Charley’s home in Forth to plait and cut off her hair, Charley had raised £1020.40p for the charity.

“I had tears in my eyes but she was loving it,” said Suzanne.

“She was counting down the sleeps beforehand because she was so excited.”

And Charley may not be finished yet.

Suzanne added: “Charley is talking about growing her hair so that she can do it again!”