Garrion Bridge to remain closed overnight

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Garrion Bridge, flooded when water mains burst today, is to remain closed overnight tonight (Monday)

The bridge, where the A71 joins the A72, has been closed since early afternoon today as Scottish Water tries to fix the burst mains.

The photo, taken by South Lanarkshire Council roads department shows the water flowing OVER the bridge above the Clyde.

Traffic intending to use the A71 Horsley Brae is being turned back at Overtown Cross.

“Work to repair the burst water main located at Garrion Bridge, ML2 is still underway,” Scottish Water said at 4.50pm. “Our squad is on site and working hard to restore supplies as soon as possible.

“Apologies for the delay.”

The bridge was formerly the only one at that point, but in recent years a modern bridge built parallel to it essentially makes a roundabout for traffic at that junction.

Late this afternoon as the emergency repair work continued, it was announced that the A71/A72 road at the bridge will remain closed overnight other than for northbound traffic from Lanark (which by-passes the bridge) on the Clydeside A72.

*Hundreds of houses south of Wishaw were left without normal water supplies when the main burst. Homes in the Shawburn, Ashgill, Garrion Bridge, Overtown, Gowkthrapple and Netherton areas have experienced disruption to their normal water supplies.

“We are working to re-zone the local network and restore normal water supplies as quickly as possible,” said a Scottish Water spokesman.

“Some properties might have their normal supplies restored before others, depending on their location on our network.

“Affected properties might experience discolouration to the water supply when normal supplies are restored. If so, they should run the cold water tap in their kitchen gently and the

discolouration should disappear.”