Fury at theft from young Carluke mum’s grave

Stacy...died waiting for a heart transplant
Stacy...died waiting for a heart transplant

A HEARTBROKEN dad has spoken of his anger after a wreath his children laid down in a Carluke cemetery for their mother was stolen.

Ross Thomson and his children Carla (13) and 10-year-old Aidan left the £45 wreath at Wilton Cemetery for young mum Stacy, who died in October after suffering from heart problems.

But Ross was incensed when he discovered that the wreath had vanished.

He said: “Why on earth would someone do something like this? It is absolutely gut- wrenching. My kids are really upset about it and you can understand why.

“These people need to be named and shamed.

“I was talking to one lady in the cemetery and she told me that another wreath had gone missing. That family were on their way to buy another one.

“Unfortunately the council or police can’t be in the cemetery 24 hours a day.

“I can’t believe the audacity of some people; they really are the lowest of the low.”

Stacy’s fight against her illness was highlighted in the Gazette in the summer.

The brave 32-year-old rang the Gazette from her hospital bed to urge locals to sign up to become an organ donor, as she was waiting for a heart transplant.

She was suffering from Ventricular Tachycardia.

Ross spoke of Stacy’s immense courage in the final weeks of her life.

He said: “Stacy celebrated her birthday while she was in the hospital but unfortunately she didn’t get the transplant we were hoping she would.

“She was very brave and fought to the end. She was in a coma for five and a half weeks but she got herself relatively fit again and went back on the transplant list.

“She was doing some physio while a machine was doing the job of her heart and then her lung collapsed.

“In the end it was her lungs that failed and she made the decision to switch off the heart machine .

“She was suffering and she made the decision. She told the kids what was happening and that she was going to Heaven.”