From Carluke High School to NASA!

Carluke High School visit to NASA
Carluke High School visit to NASA

The space race was on when Carluke High School pupils visited the North American Space Agency, NASA.

In the once in-a-lifetime-trip, a group of 45 students journeyed to NASA’s space centre in Houston, Texas during the October holiday.

Physics teacher Gavin Gall organised the mission, which included exercises in building rockets, heat shields and a habitat to live on Mars.

Dr Gall said: “All pupils will surely agree that this trip was out of this world.”

The visit encouraged pupils to develop problem-solving and teamwork skills, and hopefully inspired them to become an astronaut, engineer or scientist!

Pupils were also given a speech by Colonel Brian Duffy, a distinguished four-time astronaut. He took the time to sign photos as well as hosting a question-and-answer session.

The trip was a huge success and everyone who went had a blast.

“The trip has given me the inspiration to try harder in school so that one day I can go back.” said Calum Straub, a 4th year pupil who took part.