Fresh look at Lanark’s town centre traffic problem?

Councillor Julia Marrs.
Councillor Julia Marrs.

Over forty years after solutions were first sought to Lanark town centre’s traffic problems, a new study to find answers is being planned.

The roads authority, South Lanarkshire council, has asked the Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT) for a £55,000 grant to carry out the latest Lanark Traffic Feasibility Study.

Lanark area’s SNP councillor Julia Marrs, said: “Further to discussions with the council’s roads department for some significant time regarding traffic in Lanark and my previously made point that the solutions should be evidence-based and sought through a feasibility study, I’m pleased to advise that the department has submitted a funding bid to SPT to support this work and we expect to receive feedback on the success or otherwise of this over the coming months.”

She said that if SPT funding is granted, the report could be ready by September.

She went on: “If funding is not provided by SPT we will need to consider what other options are available and a further caveat is that no project is guaranteed to be taken forward from the study. I’m delighted that the funding bid to SPT has been made.

“A feasibility study ensures that Lanark’s traffic issues are investigated objectively and an evidence-based approach leads to the very best solutions for our town.”