Free school meals a ‘huge relief’ for families, says Clydesdale MSP

Aileen Campbell MSP
Aileen Campbell MSP

Clydesdale MSP Aileen Campbell has commented on the progress of the free school meals policy which was introduced one year ago this week in Scotland.

The policy was passed within the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014 led through parliament by the Clydesdale MSP in her capacity as Minister for Children and Young People.

New figures show over 192,500 children and young people in total and over 129,500 P1-3 pupils are benefiting from free school meals.

The SNP MSP said: “A year on we can see how the policy has helped many families financially and socially – it saves families £380 a year per child while also supporting learning in the classroom.

“This simple measure recognises the importance of giving children the best chance to reach their potential through support in their earliest years of life. For families in Clydesdale, free school meals can help ease pressures on tight household budgets and reduce stigma for pupils.

“As part of a wider effort to help close the educational attainment gap, the free school meal policy contributes to making Scotland a fairer and more equal place to live.”