Four young people from Carluke to work with poor families in Malawi

Malawi visit'Carluke'23/4/13
Malawi visit'Carluke'23/4/13

FOUR young people from Carluke are about to set off for a trip with a difference - working with poor families in Malawi.

And they have earned their place twice over - all four had to work with Karen Gillon, Clydesdale’s former MSP, on a youth mission in Jedburgh over three years to convince her to take them, and then had to raise thousands of pounds to meet the costs.

Carolyn Watson (21), who is studying Earth Sciences at Glasgow University, told the Gazette: “We knew Karen had been over before, and we heard her stories and thought it would be great, to go out there and do some good, I suppose.”

And she added: “I’m really excited. We are just looking forward to it now.”

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