Focus on preventing crime in Clydesdale

Lanark Police Inspector Martin Speirs and Chief Inspector Sandy Blair.
Lanark Police Inspector Martin Speirs and Chief Inspector Sandy Blair.

The new team in charge of policing in Clydesdale is made up of Chief Inspector Sandy Blair and Inspector Martin Speirs.

Martin replaces Scott Jones, who has retired, while Sandy has been responsible for the combined Hamilton-Clydesdale area since November.

For Martin, 49, it is a return to his home area, as he began his police career in Lanark in 1991, later moving to Carluke.

Over the years, he has had experience with the support unit, trained in firearms and served with the armed response unit.

Sandy Blair, 50, started in the Bellshill area in 1989 and as a detective he worked for a spell with the Home Office’s large major enquiry system dealing with terrorism and murders.

Both he and Martin also worked the beat in Easterhouse two decades ago and were sergeants together at Wishaw.

Both stress that policing is changing, with the emphasis now on prevention and on the welfare of vulnerable people, rather than waiting for crime to take place. They would rather have a call saying a situation is developing, than one later reporting an assault, they say.

“The focus is on crime prevention, public safety,” said Sandy, with both agreeing: “We want to stop crime before it happens.”

Partnership working is vital as the police force aims to reduce crime. They encourage everyone to take part in the public consultation Polcing 2026, which will decide strategy for the next 10 years.