Fire engines on parade through Biggar - video

Is there a collective term for a line of fire engines?

A flock? A chorus?

Fire engines line up at Biggar Museum

Fire engines line up at Biggar Museum

There is certainly a massive volume of noise as they all demonstrate their different siren notes.

Biggar was treated to a special parade on Sunday as the fire engines - accompanied by members of Biggar Pipe Band - drove up through the town to the new museum in the High Street,

And there they were waltzed into parking spaces. Who knew these huge vehicles could manoeuvre so sweetly!

Easter Sunday saw the opening of the Biggar and Upper Ward Museum’s 2016 exhibition, on 75 years of rural firefighting, and to celebrate youngsters and the not so young were given the chance to see over the fire enginges, some local others from the museum in Greenock, and to take a turn in the driving seat.

And despite the torrential showers, there was a good turnout of excited youngsters and adults to appreciate the spectacle.