Female council workers win after marathon pay battle

Battle over...at South Lanarkshire Council HQ in Hamilton
Battle over...at South Lanarkshire Council HQ in Hamilton

AROUND 300 Clydesdale women council employees and ex-workers are this week celebrating the end of a marathon equal pay battle.

As reported in the Gazette over the past few years, South Lanarkshire Council has been fighting legal moves by around 3000 of its female employees and ex-employees who claim they were underpaid for years due to behind-the-scenes ‘deals’ with male sectors of the council workforce to keep an artificial pay differential between them and the mainly female sectors.

The women, about a tenth of whom come from the Clydesdale area, have based their claim on arguing that their work was of the ‘same value’ as the male workers and so they deserved the same pay.

At the council’s latest executive committee meeting on Wednesday, February 26, an undisclosed financial settlement negotiated between the legal representatives of the council and the women workers was approved.

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