Farmer presses for release of evidence

Library Image. Pic by John Devlin.
Library Image. Pic by John Devlin.

A Clydesdale farmer has found himself in a war of words with TWO government departments over a windpower development.

As reported in previous issues of the Gazette, John Scott of Muirhead Farm, Cleghorn had mounted a challenge to ScottishPower running power cables over his land from the extended Blacklaw Windfarm down to an electricty transfer station at Kirkfieldbank.

He’d strongly argued that there was a shorter and less environmentally damaging route for the cabling to a closer transfer station in the west.

His objections were made to the government’s Energy Consent Unit for passing on to Scots energy minister Fergus Ewing, who subsequently ruled in ScottishPower’s favour.

Now John Scott wants to see exactly HOW his evidence was reported back to the government minister by the Consent Unit - but the Unit is now refusing to let him see a copy of his OWN testimony, despite him pursuing his right to see the document through the Freedom of Information Act.

Now, after persisting with his demand, the Unit has passed on his query to the very government department which ruled against his appeal.

He told the Gazette: “I’m just getting the runaround from them and I’m left wondering why on earth they are refusing to allow me to see what is, after all, meant to be my OWN evidence.

“It can only lead me to to think that they don’t want me to see what interpretation they put on my words.”

He told the Gazette that he now plans to pursue the matter through his elected representatives.