Families call for help in coping with cancer

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A new study has highlighted the anguish experienced by families and friends of cancer patients.

The research by Beating Bowel Cancer shows the disease doesn’t just affect those going through it, but also hits loved ones hard.

For the first time, the experiences of those affected by the UK’s second biggest cancer killer have been researched and the results showed that only 66 per cent of family members and friends felt they were given the information and help they needed whilst trying to support their loved one through treatment.

This drops to 55 per cent when trying to help with after-effects. Perhaps most shocking of all only 27 per cent felt they received enough support following the death of their loved one.

Mark Flannagan, chief executive of Beating Bowel
 Cancer, said: “Partners, relatives and close friends of patients can find themselves in a very desperate place– the emotional impact on family and friends can be very debilitating.

However, with the right support and information their fears and anxieties can be relieved.”

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